It all began with a simple “thank you”.

It all began with a simple “thank you” but the way it was said sent waves of dopamine rushing through my brain.

Last night I gave one of my talks on self-esteem and body image and afterwards one of the attendees came up to me, almost lost for words, expressing her appreciation for what I had spoken of. It was clear I had moved her. Not only did it ignite gratitude in her, her articulation of that, even in its simplest form, had a profound effect on me. I went home with a grin from ear to ear knowing I had made a difference so much so I spoke enthusiastically to my loved ones and decided to dedicate my blog today on the act of gratitude and kindness, which I hope will instill something in you reading this.

You see the act of kindness and gratitude is like a ripple effect. One tiny act of thanks here can create enormous effects elsewhere. The same way “you throw a pebble into the water on one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side.” – Victor Webster

Giving thanks is such a powerful instrument in life. Everyone should start or end their day with it. The marvelous thing about it is the more you are grateful for the more you have to be grateful for. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

It’s easy in today’s day and age to take things for granted. Like how magnificent and truly magical our bodies are. They breathe, pump blood, give oxygen to our cells, know exactly what to do and how to heal us when we are hurt. A true beautiful form of life, masterpiece of Mother Nature at its best but how often do we truly appreciate them for all their glory? More often than not we are criticizing, blaming and reprimanding our bodies for choices we ourselves have made. Or how fortunate we are having a roof over our head and food on our plate, there are so many that don’t.

Not only do we have a lot to be thankful for we can also benefit from positive effects of gratitude. Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” According to research by David R Hamilton, PhD, who has an honors degree in biological and medicinal chemistry, a PhD in organic chemistry and has spent several years as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, claims there are five different side effects of kindness.  Did you know that it not only makes us happier it is also good for the heart, slows ageing, improves relationships and it’s contagious? Pretty spectacular hey! To read more about David R Hamilton’s findings on kindness: click here.

So I encourage you to express gratitude and kindness everyday day, any way you can. Tell that stranger in the coffee shop how beautiful her smile is. Compliment your fellow public transport commuter on his coat or open that door for your neighbour on the third floor. Do what it takes to makes someone’s day! I promise it’ll make yours too!


Article written by Jayne Robinson, life coach. Read more about Jayne here.



Definition of gratitude view it here.

The five side effects of kindness by David R Hamilton click this link.

Image sourced by pixabay.

Quote by Victor Webster, read more here. 

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