The chances of you being you are 1 in 400 trillion!

What are you making the most of in 2018? Mel Robbins TEDx talk mentions how scientists have estimated the probability of you being born and it’s about one in 400 trillion.

30 life lessons you must know about.

Navigating life can be challenging. Turning 30 lead me to reflecting on my life and here are 30 of the top lessons I’ve learnt: Release your expectations. Accept people for

The one story you should never tell.

A blue Suziki Swift pulled over to the curb. Her curly brown hair spilling out the window along with her voice that called “Leeeeigh???” I was excited to see the

New year new you! – Set goals to make 2018 a kick ass year!

A goal without a date is a dream. – Michael H. Erickson Do you always set new years resolutions and find that after the first few months you’re back to

Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it.

Self-confidence is what helps you to gain what you want and it pushes you forward even in the darkest hour. Self-confidence is a sense of identity and empowers you to take

Strive for excellence rather than starve from perfection.

It’s Monday morning, it’s 9:05 and you should have left the house on your way to work already. Instead you’re standing there in front of the mirror with hairspray in

It all began with a simple “thank you”.

It all began with a simple “thank you” but the way it was said sent waves of dopamine rushing through my brain. Last night I gave one of my talks

Are you a serial future seeker?

Originally Published on Mememe, to read the article click here  I have a confession to make… I am a serial future seeker. Or, at least I used to be. All my life