“Working with Jayne has been a very positive life changing experience, for me. Not only is she very personable, with exceptional communication skills, she above all is an amazing life coach. She has made me believe in myself again, what she has done for me has been invaluable.
I have found it very rewarding and have benefited immensely from working closely with Jayne, I got so much out of it. She has enabled me to reach my personal life goals and many achievements that I’d been wishing I could do for years and helped me reach for the stars. I am now undoubtedly much stronger as a person. She has shown me how to face my fear’s head on, I feel I have now been equipped by Jayne to meet any new challenges in life.
Jayne has driven me with some pressure at times, helped me to push myself, using gentle techniques, accompanied by her intelligent sense of humour too. She has taught me how to focus and quickly get to the root of what I previously thought was insurmountable. This has helped me develop my key skills and abilities, so that now I’ve reached heights I never thought I would ever dreamed possible.
She has facilitated and taught me numerous techniques to analyse then conquer any perceived issue. Helped me understand what was important and not in life, as now I feel there’s nothing I can’t overcome. She has taught me so much about myself. The impact this has had on my life has been incredible, even my friends, family and colleagues have noted the new more confident, resilient and successful me.
I feel that everyone could benefit greatly from having a life coach like Jayne in their life. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending anyone to Jayne as a life coach.”
– Emma –
“I personally gave up on life coaches after trying a few people and had this negative outlook in general. I stumble on Jayne and thought why not, not really expecting anything different. Jayne really surprised me, she was real, no fake persona and well balanced. She is a professional but yet casual, making each session not just productive but fun, relaxing and insightful.
Jayne has this gift to approach any situation without prejudice and find the right solutions. She would ask the key questions to gain an understanding of how you feel, and discovering the meanings to ourselves, providing small solutions with small actions.
Personally, Jayne is a great life coach, she helped changed my life in simple ways that gave me a lot of clarity and appreciation of who I am, Thank You Jayne for helping me rediscover who I am.”
– Elias –
“I’ve been a client of Jayne’s for more than 6 months now. In that period, I have achieved many of my goals. I have gotten back together with a woman I loved for the last 5 years. Got rid of around 5 toxic relationships. Launched a new business. Taken up offices in Central London. I’m developing a whole new relationship with my brother. I moved and left the military. Those are just some of the things that others can see looking from the outside in.
I’m finally realising my potential and I’m more committed to my worth (resulting in a improved equity stance for a company I launched with an associate). I’m becoming more confident in my abilities (meaning I ask for more, demand more and get it).
Jayne has been instrumental in this journey. She is dogged, determined and really helped me define who I am with her kickarse approach to coaching. It’s what I love about her. And what I respond to.”
– Deepak –